• Asia

    "InsensitiviTees gives me the confidence to be as bold as I am feeling. "

  • George

    "I have never seen anything like InsensitiviTees. It's needed in a society full of sensitive pansies."

  • Branson

    "I get so many compliments on my tees. My fav right now is the "I'm not a gynecolosit" tee.


Welcome to InsensitiviTees, the home of apparel that doesn't give a fuck. From sarcastic tees to profane hoodies, we've got the clothes that will have you feeling comfy, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Outfit Your Inner Rebel


Accessories, because sometimes wearing a shirt with profanity on it just isn't enough to piss off the Karens. From jewelry to stickers, we've got all the extras you need to complete your InsensitiviTees look.

Accessories for the Sarcastic and Proud


Quench your thirst with a side of attitude. Our drinkware collection has everything from shot glasses for those wild nights out to tumblers for your daily caffeine fix. So, drink up and let everyone know how you really feel.

Cheers to Giving Zero Fucks

Unfiltered Expressions.

Get ready to unleash your unfiltered thoughts and ideas with our Unfiltered Expressions collection. From journals to notebooks and everything in between, this section is perfect for those who are not afraid to speak their minds and challenge societal norms. With InsensitiviTees, you can express yourself freely without any filters.

Unleash Your Unfiltered Creativity
  • Sarcasm for a Cause

    We use humor and wit to challenge societal norms and promote mental health.

  • Unapologetically Bold

    Our designs are unapologetic, daring, and make a statement.

  • Authentic & Inclusive

    Our brand celebrates diversity and individuality, promoting self-expression.

  • Top-Quality Comfort

    We only use top-of-the-line materials to ensure our products last long enough to piss off all your haters.

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