About Us

InsensitiviTees is a unique lifestyle brand that empowers self-expression and individuality through bold designs, witty slogans, and the use of decorative dialect and "bad words" freely and without judgment. Our brand is inspired by the idea that the use of profanity can have positive effects on mental health by providing an outlet for emotions, reducing stress, and promoting self-expression. Our mission is to create products that celebrate self-expression, individuality, and creativity and to empower individuals to express themselves authentically without fear of societal backlash.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is InsensitiviTees all about?
A: InsensitiviTees is all about empowering people to express themselves in the most authentic and unapologetic way possible. We believe that the use of "bad words" and colorful language is a form of self-expression and should be celebrated, not suppressed. Plus, who doesn't love a good swear word every now and then?

Q: Why are your t-shirts so expensive?
A: Because we use only the finest unicorn hair and unicorn blood to dye our shirts. Plus, we believe that high-quality products deserve a high-quality price tag. Don't you?

Q: Do you offer plus sizes?
A: Yes, we do. Because everyone deserves to express themselves, regardless of their size. Plus, who wants to be part of the "average" size club anyway?

Q: Why did you choose this type of language?
A: Because we believe that language is a powerful tool for self-expression and we want to give our customers the freedom to use it however they want. Also, because it's the 21st century and it's time to break the mold and not to be afraid of using "bad words."

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Not yet, but soon because self-expression knows no borders.

Q: How often do you release new designs?
A: We release new designs every time we have a new idea, which is pretty much every day. Because self-expression never gets old.

Q: Do you have any stores?
A: No, we don't. Because we like to keep things exclusive and mysterious. Plus, who wants to leave their house these days?

Q: Can I customize a shirt with my own design?
A: Absolutely! Because self-expression is all about individuality.

Q: Do you have any discounts or promotions?
A: Yes, we do. But we're not going to tell you about them. You'll have to subscribe to our emails, keep an eye on our website, and social media to find out.

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