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Say It Silent Journal

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Speak your mind silently and let your pen do the loud talking with InsensitiviTees' latest drop: the "All The Things I Can't Say Out Loud!" Journal. Perfect for scribblers, doodlers, and closeted comedians, this is your ticket to saying it all without making a sound. 😶📓✨

Hey, you! Yeah, you with thoughts so bold they'd make a sailor blush. Meet the "Speak Your Mind" Notebook – your new partner in crime for all those truths you've been keeping on the DL. This isn't just any notebook. It’s the trusty sidekick for your brainwaves, the Robin to your Batman of brilliance.

Bound in a sleek, take-no-prisoners black cover with pages thirstier for your words than a Friday night happy hour. Perfect for scribbling down life's real talk – no filters, no apologies. Ready to be tossed in your bag or make a statement on your desk. Either way, it's a conversation starter.

👉 Grab it, write it, flaunt it. 'Cause every page is a new opportunity to let it all hang out, uncensored and unashamed.

Specs & Features:

  • Size: Fabulously compact 5x7 - because your most profound thoughts don't need a stage, just a page.
  • Pages: 150 college-ruled lines of potential (that’s 75 sheets for the math-averse), waiting to be filled with your brain's backstage banter.
  • Cover: Front and back glossy laminate—slicker than your average one-liner. It’s like the superhero suit of covers, defending against spills, thrills, and the occasional existential crisis.
  • Plus, we've splashed prints on the front, back, and inside cover because we know you judge books by their covers (it’s okay, we do too).

Bring this journal home and start filling the silence. And when you’re ready to go from low-key legend to social media sensation, share a snap with your InsensitiviTees journal using @insensitivitees. Let's turn the volume up on your bookshelf.

Shop now at and join the silent symphony of sass. 🛒🔇🎶

Say It Silent Journal
  • Paperback - $19.99